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Adding/updating items - 07/01/2012
It looks like a recent upgrade of the server broke the ability for people to add or update items. I've fixed this now, although I'm still not sure entirely what the problem was.

Sorry if this caused any inconvenience, although since no-one reported it, I'm guessing no-one noticed?
Finding alternative sources - 19/08/2009
It's safe to say that everyone has their favorite online store to buy things from and your friends are probably no exception. So to help them quickly find the things you love and to save you time adding lots of different places to buy things, there is now a "Find alternative sources" button at the bottom of the item editing page.

It will attempt to find any other places it knows about where you can buy the item in question and give you the option of whether or not to add those extra links. Chances are currently that unless it's a DVD, book or CD that it won't have much luck, but we're working on improving the range of items it knows about.
Got cold feet? - 12/08/2009
Sock Shop will be offering FREE Standard First Class delivery on all UK orders for August 2009
(valid until Midnight Monday 31st August 2009 (UK time))

Handy if you want to get plenty of socks in for the coming winter months to keep your toes warm :)
I remember you! - 16/06/2009
The more observant of you will notice a little addition to the "login" page - there's a little ticky box that if you tick it, it'll remember your user name. Saves you having to type it every time. Hope you all find it handy.
Tagging items - 21/11/2008
Some of you may have already noticed that a new addition has appeared on the item adding/editing page - Tags

This is to let you classify what you're adding. Coming soon will be the ability to filter wishlists based on tag, but for now, they appear just below the description making it (hopefully) easier for people to have a better idea of what it is you are after.

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