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SONY BDP-S1700 Smart Blu-ray & DVD Player
Watch the latest Blu-ray movies in Full HD with the Sony BDP-S1700 Smart Blu-ray and DVD Player. High Definition The BDP S1700 boasts technology which allows you to upscale standard definition DVDs to near HD resolution so you can enjoy all of your favourite older movies in amazing detail. With TRILUMINOS colour you can discover incredible colours and tones thanks to the use of a wider visible colour spectrum. Faithfully reproduced skin tones help to make faces look better, while reds, blues and greens are displayed beautifully to create vivid landscapes and seascapes. High quality audio Featuring Dolby TrueHD, the BD-PS1700 lets you enjoy precise, detailed home audio. It is capable of reproducing sound identical to the original studio masters, offering amazing clarity and an immersive audio experience while enjoying your favourite Blu-ray discs. Ethernet The B DPS1700 features an Ethernet connection to allow you to access your favourite catch up and on demand services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime. Finding apps and features is quick and simple, allowing you to browse on your TV screen with easy-to-navigate panels. You can save your favourite apps on the one side of the screen to keep everything neatly organised and quick to launch. Connectivity A USB port allows you to connect your storage devices to the player to access even more of your favourite movies and music, supporting 26% more combinations of video, container and audio codecs than previous models. Enjoy plenty of connectivity options and Full HD visuals with the Sony BDP-S1700 Smart Blu-ray and DVD Player.
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INDESIT LR8 S1 W UK Fridge Freezer - White, White 5 out of 10
Top features: - Preserve your frozen food for longer with low-frost technology - Stop bacteria and mould from growing inside your fridge freezer with the anti-bacterial coating - Reduce your utility bills without compromising on performance with an A+ energy rating Preserve your frozen food for longerLow Frost technology monitors how many times the freezer door has been opened and when the freezer needs to be defrosted, so you'll have all the tools needed to effectively protect frozen groceries from freezer burn.Stop bacteriaKeep your food fresh, lock in flavours and protect your family with the specially designed anti-bacterial coating. The coating, which can be found on the inner walls of the cavity, kills bacteria and mould before it can build-up which is ideal for family households looking for extra assurance that food is safe to eat.Reduce your utility billsWith an A+ energy rating, this Indesit LR8 S1 W UK Fridge Freezer is great at reducing the cost of your energy bills without compromising on performance.___________________________________________________________________________PLEASE NOTE:Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding - both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area.Reversible door hinges: This appliance has a reversible door. Contact the supplier directly to arrange door reversal - they will determine the cost of this service. Please don't select the door reversal service when adding this product to your basket.
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TECHLINK M-Series 170 TV Stand with Speakers, Light oak 5 out of 10
The Techlink M-Series 170 TV Stand with Speakers presents a unique statement in the living room.Large screen viewingThe stand has an impressive width which allows you to place a large screen TV up to 84” on its surface.Built-in audioThe Techlink M-Series Audio Base Unit has been designed with an integrated audio system developed in conjunction with a premium audio speaker company to offer the best in sound quality.There are two speakers on each side of the stand with a centrally positioned subwoofer to deliver the cinematic experience. There is still plenty of room for your other entertainment components.It boasts a range of inputs including optical, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm and coaxial to ensure you can enjoy connectivity with your media devices link a smartphone, tablet and television.Other featuresThe stand's stylish black glass doors are remote control friendly so you can control components while they are fully concealed.A cable management system keeps wires organised and out of sight while integrated ventilation ensures optimum equipment performance.Get the best from your home entertainment with the Techlink M-Series 170 TV Stand with Speakers in black and light oak.
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BREVILLE Impressions VTT470 4-Slice Toaster - White, White 5 out of 10
With its modern white design with ridged walls, the Breville Impressions VTT470 4-Slice Toaster is a classy looking appliance that will toast a wide range of breads. With four variable slots that can accommodate different sized slices, the VTT470 has nine heat settings to help you get the results you want. Whether you want thin or thick sliced bread, the VTT470 can toast it to perfection with a handy high lift setting that helps you to keep your fingers well away from the hot elements. For added convenience you can even defrost slices directly from the freezer and as the VTT470 has a mid-cycle cancel you can avoid burning your toast. Illuminated buttons help you see exactly which setting you have selected and the cool wall feature means that you won't burn your hands on the VTT470's exterior. Convenient, powerful and smart looking, the Breville Impressions VTT470 4-Slice Toaster finished in white and satin chrome will be look the part and perform well in your kitchen.
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SIEMENS iQ700 ET475MY11E Electric Teppanyaki - Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel 5 out of 10
For a compact and effective cooktop, you need the Siemens iQ700 ET475MY11E Electric Teppanyaki! With a stainless steel design and a removable ceramic glass hob lid, it brings style and fantastic cooking potential to your kitchen! Great cooking surface With 2 zones, there's plenty of room to cook on the iQ700 Teppanyaki. There are 9 power levels to choose from, so you'll always find the right one to suit whatever you're cooking. Control them easily with the touchSlider touch controls, whilst the LED power level indicators let you keep track on what's going on! Don't worry if you haven't got the fancy skills of the chefs in teppanyaki restaurants - this is a simple way to cook meat and veg. Helping to keep you safe To help avoid accidents in the kitchen, the iQ700 Teppanyaki features two-stage hot hob indicators, which warn you when the hob is still warm, helping to stop you from burning yourself! Combine adventurous cooking with simple frying on the stylish Siemens iQ700 ET475MY11E Electric Teppanyaki.
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DEVOLO dLAN 550 Duo Powerline Adapter Add-on 5 out of 10
Top features:- 500 Mbps transfer rates for faster loading- Multiple device connections for greater flexibility- Power socket pass through for more options- Automatic encryption for greater safety500 Mbps transfer ratesThis devolo 550 Duo+ Powerline Adapter features speedy 500 Mbps transfer rates so that you can enjoy entertainment at top speeds and quality levels.Multiple device connectionsYou can easily connect other wired devices to work together thanks to the inclusion of two Ethernet connections. Hook up your TV, game console, set-top box, PC, laptop, printer, NAS or other compatible device to the web with multiple ports for maximum flexibility.Power socket pass throughThere's no need to sacrifice the use of a power socket - the devolo dLAN 550 Duo+ offers an integrated electrical socket so that you can still plug in another appliance if you need to.At the same time, you'll appreciate the adapter's minimal energy consumption thanks to its innovative PowerSave technology. This operates continuously, intelligently and is completely automatic.Automatic encryptionThe devolo 9292 dLAN 550 Duo+ Powerline Adapter is easy to set up and offers automatic encryption to protect against unauthorised access, and is compatible with all Devolo 200, 500 and 650 series Powerline kits. The devolo dLAN 550 Duo+ Powerline Adapter is a Powerline adapter only and works as an extension to established Powerline networks. For a complete powerline kit solution, search for 'Powerline Starter Kits'.
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MIELE WKR571 Washing Machine - White, White 5 out of 10
Top features: - Add extra laundry during the wash - Eco-friendly performance with A+++ energy efficiency rating - Gentle care with CapDos capsules and SoftSteam honeycomb drum - Tough on stains for reliable, effective results wash after wash - Delay start and Programme Manger to fit your lifestyle Add extra laundry during the wash Add Laundry lets you add extra items like misplaced socks while the machine is washing. Press the start/stop button and scroll to Add Laundry to stop the wash, unlock the door and add your stray item. It won't activate and the door won't unlock if the temperature of the drum is over 55 degrees, if the water level is too high or the machine has reached the spin phase of the current wash. Eco-friendly performance Save money while staying kinder to the environment with an A+++ energy efficiency rating - using up to 30% less energy than other A rated standard models.Miele PowerWash 2.0 delivers a full wash cycle in less than an hour, so you can quickly clean your clothes without having to sacrifice performance. Be more aware of your energy and water usage with the Eco Feedback button, displaying the average usage for each wash program.Gentle careUse single use CapDos capsules for special fabrics such as wool, silks and sportswear, alongside dedicated wash programs including Silks and Woollens for delicate care.Cutting down ironing time, the SoftSteam honeycomb drum soothes and loosens creases clothes during the final spin stage. Select Pre-ironing or Stream Smoothing to save time and effort on wash day.Tough on stainsShift tough stains like drink spills and muddy football kits with the seven different strain removal settings. Treat up to 23 different types of stain with any wash cycle, and be sure that your clothes will always come out sparkling clean.Delay start and Programme MangerA 24 hour time delay function means you can start the WKR571 when it suits you. Set the timer before leaving the house and come home to freshly dried clothes. Or run a cycle at night and take advance of lower energy tariffs.Receive the right care for your individual needs with the Miele ProgrammeManager, by adjusting settings for each wash program. Select functions such as Intensive, Eco, Extra gentle, Extra quiet and AllergoWash - which reduces bacteria levels for those with sensitive.
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BREVILLE Hot Cup VKJ318 Five-cup Hot Water Dispenser - Black, Black 5 out of 10
Boil water for a cup of tea using modern technology with the Breville Hot Cup VKJ318 Five-cup Hot Water Dispenser. Rather than boiling an entire kettle for a quick cuppa, the Breville Hot Cup dispenses exactly the amount of water you need and not a drop more - saving energy, time and effort.The Breville VKJ318 can dispense up to 250 ml of boiling water at the touch of a button.This modern kettle-replacement can dispense up to 5 cups before requiring a refill, so it's ideal for both the home and small office. The Breville Hot Cup VKJ318 Five-cup Hot Water Dispenser produces a cup of hot water up to 4x faster than a traditional electric kettle. And perhaps equally importantly, it's a whole lot more stylish.
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