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SONY BDP-S1700 Smart Blu-ray & DVD Player
Watch the latest Blu-ray movies in Full HD with the Sony BDP-S1700 Smart Blu-ray and DVD Player. High Definition The BDP S1700 boasts technology which allows you to upscale standard definition DVDs to near HD resolution so you can enjoy all of your favourite older movies in amazing detail. With TRILUMINOS colour you can discover incredible colours and tones thanks to the use of a wider visible colour spectrum. Faithfully reproduced skin tones help to make faces look better, while reds, blues and greens are displayed beautifully to create vivid landscapes and seascapes. High quality audio Featuring Dolby TrueHD, the BD-PS1700 lets you enjoy precise, detailed home audio. It is capable of reproducing sound identical to the original studio masters, offering amazing clarity and an immersive audio experience while enjoying your favourite Blu-ray discs. Ethernet The B DPS1700 features an Ethernet connection to allow you to access your favourite catch up and on demand services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime. Finding apps and features is quick and simple, allowing you to browse on your TV screen with easy-to-navigate panels. You can save your favourite apps on the one side of the screen to keep everything neatly organised and quick to launch. Connectivity A USB port allows you to connect your storage devices to the player to access even more of your favourite movies and music, supporting 26% more combinations of video, container and audio codecs than previous models. Enjoy plenty of connectivity options and Full HD visuals with the Sony BDP-S1700 Smart Blu-ray and DVD Player.
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TALA Originals Cook's Mini Measure - Pink, Pink 5 out of 10
Quickly measure out ingredients with the classic Tala Originals Cook's Mini Measure in pink.An invaluable kitchen tool, the Cook's Mini Measure includes teaspoons, tablespoons and millilitres for quickly and easily measuring out ingredients for recipes. The Mini Measure is also calibrated for individual portions of cous cous, rice and puy lentils.Hand made in Liverpool, England using the same machinery used to create the original Cook's Dry Measure, the Tala Originals Cook's Mini Measure is a high quality retro classic.Please note: the tinplate material is not suitable for dishwashers, it should be washed in warm soapy water and dried thoroughly straight away.
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HOTPOINT SMART SMX85T1UW Fridge Freezer - White, White 5 out of 10
Top features:- Smart Cool maintains an ideal temperature - 3-in-1 zone helps to extend food's freshness - Frost free to save you time and energy - Hygienic refrigeration with an anti-bacterial coating Smart Cool Hotpoint's Smart Tech fridge freezers use intelligent cooling technology and a gentle air flow to ensure your food stays fresh. Smart Cool keeps food and drink at the ideal temperature, so you can be sure it's always perfectly stored. 3-in-1 zone Along with its generous capacity and slimmer insulation design, the SMX85T1UW has a 3-in-1 one drawer to extend food's freshness. Choose between Super Cool, which can drop food temperature in 30% less time, Chill Mode, which cools to around 0°C and Safe Defrost, which defrosts food at controlled lower temperatures to reduce bacteria growth. Frost free The SMX85T1UW's freezer is frost free, meaning you'll never have to defrost your freezer again. It also has a handy Superfreeze function, to quickly cool down and freeze food after a big shop. Hygienic refrigeration Not only does the SMX85T1UW work to keep your food perfectly fresh and frozen, it also offers great hygienic protection. The special anti-bacterial coating on the inner walls effectively kills bacteria and mould, so you can enjoy food with added peace of mind.___________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE: Reversible door hinges: This appliance has a reversible door. Please consult our Knowhow team or a qualified installation expert to carry out door reversal - select the door reversal service when you add this product to the basket.
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BRITANNIA Delphi 90 RC9SGDERCR Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Cream, Cream 5 out of 10
Enjoy multifunctional cooking in your kitchen, and produce food thats fit for a feast with the cream Britannia Delphi 90 RC9SGDERCR Dual Fuel Range Cooker.Quality cooking, professional looksOffering a variety of cooking functions and features and perfect for those who want a stylishly designed appliance as the centre-piece of their kitchen, this 90 cm wide cooker has been finished in a gloss cream colour - making sure that it stands out as a quality piece of cooking kit.High grade shelving and a telescopic runner in oven further highlight the professionalism and attention to detail that has been put into this appliance, so you can be confident that the Delphi 90will be more than capable of completing any culinary task you throw at it.High performance hobWith a dual fuel design, you'll be getting the best of both worlds with the RC9SGDECR - the instant heat and superb control of a gas hob and the reliability and multi-purpose functionality of an electric oven.With six gas burners making up the hob, you'll be able to boil, fry and sauté your food with ease. In addition, one of the burners is a 5kW dual wok burner, which opens up a exciting range of further cooking possibilities. Perfect for preparing a range of cuisines, you can use the central 0.48 kW burner for when you need a delicate heat, or use the full burner when you require quick and responsive high levels of heat.Providing further versatility, the hob is suitable for conversion to LPG if desired, with a conversion kit being included.Multifunction cookingThe large oven offers up 80 litres of cooking space and ensures that even the largest of Sunday roasts or Christmas turkeys will be able to fit in without issue.Offering a multifunction cooking system, the Delphi 90 offers nine versatile and flexible cooking options and includes functions such as fan cooking, an oven quick-start, use of the top or bottom elements only, a pizza function, defrosting and various other convenient choices.A triple glazed viewing window and interior light allows you to keep an eye on your meal at all times and a programmable probe is available which lets you to check on the progress of your joints of meat and ensure your food is always cooked to perfection.User friendlyIn addition, this Britannia Dual Fuel Cooker also hosts an integrated full-width electric grill and allows you to prepare healthy and tasty grilled meals, as well as allowing you to make a beautifully golden cheese on toast.A full-width compartment is available at the bottom of the cooker and is the perfect place to store essential cooking apparatus. This drawer comes with a soft close mechanism and prevents the storage drawer from slamming shut.When it comes to cleaning, catalytic liners make it simple to keep the oven spotless and splash free. By absorbing grease and dirt and then oxidising it at high temperatures, you're left with the simple job of quickly wiping away the resulting debris.Give your kitchen a cooker to be proud of and enjoy a professional and user friendly cooking experience, with the cream Britannia Delphi 90 RC9SGDERCR Dual Fuel Range Cooker.
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SMEG SMF01CRUK 50's Retro Stand Mixer - Cream, Cream 5 out of 10
The ultra stylish retro design of the Smeg SMF01CRUK 50's Retro Stand Mixer in a gorgeous cream colour gives you total powerful preparation precision.Bring power to your mixingDon't leave a morsel of anything in the bow with the 800 watt SMF01CR. Its wire whisk ensures every inch of ingredient is picked up and perfectly mixed into your creation, providing great results every time. You have not only ten speed settings to choose from but also speed control, putting you in the driver's seat of this beautifully crafted die-cast aluminium bodied mixer.With a generous capacity of 4.8 litres, the 50's Retro Stand Mixer allows larger quantities of mixture to be completed at once.Safety firstFor busy households conscious of safety, there is a convenient safety lock when the head is tilted up so no little hands can cause accidents. There are also great anti-slip feet on the product so that you can be sure it won't move while you're mixing.Perfect your culinary skills by starting with the key - preparation with the Smeg SMF01CRUK 50's Retro Stand Mixer.
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PHILIPS Hue Go Portable Wireless Light 5 out of 10
Create the perfect ambience anywhere in your home with Philips Hue Go, a portable wireless light with 16 million colours and natural dynamic effects. 16 million colours Whether you want to create a romantic scene for dinner, relaxing ambience or party atmosphere, Hue Go gives you complete control of the colour and brightness of the light. With 16 million colours to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice. A range of pre-set natural dynamic light effects each have their own characteristic flow and mixture of colours for easily setting the right mode. These can be activated directly by simply pressing the smart control button which lets you choose from seven different light effects. Wireless control Wirelessly link up the Hue Go with the Hue bridge (sold separately) and turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote. Connecting via your home WiFi network, you'll be able to control the Hue Go wirelessly from any iOS or Android device with the Philips Hue app. The Philips Hue app offers a wide range of options, including setting the Hue Go to wake you up with light in the morning, as a timer for baking and even to get alerts when you receive a text message. Portable light Hue Go offers a convenient wireless portable design that can be used throughout your home or garden, ideal for illuminating an evening barbeque or relaxing in the bath. Offering up to 3 hours of light after a 1.5 hour charge, Hue Go is ideal for providing evening ambience. Compatible with other products in Philip's Friends of Hue range, the Philips Hue Go helps you create the ultimate lighting ambience.
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BREVILLE Hot Cup VKJ318 Five-cup Hot Water Dispenser - Black, Black 5 out of 10
Boil water for a cup of tea using modern technology with the Breville Hot Cup VKJ318 Five-cup Hot Water Dispenser. Rather than boiling an entire kettle for a quick cuppa, the Breville Hot Cup dispenses exactly the amount of water you need and not a drop more - saving energy, time and effort.The Breville VKJ318 can dispense up to 250 ml of boiling water at the touch of a button.This modern kettle-replacement can dispense up to 5 cups before requiring a refill, so it's ideal for both the home and small office. The Breville Hot Cup VKJ318 Five-cup Hot Water Dispenser produces a cup of hot water up to 4x faster than a traditional electric kettle. And perhaps equally importantly, it's a whole lot more stylish.
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RANGEMASTER Professional Deluxe 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker - White & Chrome, White 5 out of 10
The stunning white and chrome Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker brings style and cooking prowess to your kitchen, expanding on the Professional+ series with powerful capabilities. Gas cooking With a five-burner gas hob, you'll enjoy faster heating up times and fantastic cooking control. There's plenty of space for all your different pots and pans, with cast-iron pan supports providing an extremely stable and robust base. A large wok burner is on hand to accommodate larger cooking vessels, so you can cook up an authentic Asian-style feast or stir fry for large gatherings.The heavy-duty cast-aluminium griddle plate provides a quick, easy and healthy way to cook meats and create the perfect breakfast. Oven and grill space The Professional Deluxe 100 Range Cooker offers an incredible 150 litres of oven space to handle anything you want in the kitchen. Enjoy a whopping 81 litres of space in the large multifunction main oven, and an impressive 69-litre capacity in the tall oven. Handle multiple roasts or prepare vegetables, bake breads and more simultaneously for total freedom, flexibility and control. Since it's multifunctional, the main cavity offers truly versatile oven temperatures for all kinds of cooking, while the tall oven uses fanned heat to evenly distribute the temperature - particularly effective for batch baking. The Handyrack in the main cavity is an adjustable rack attached to oven door that makes it easy to tend to roasts - it will prevent you from burning your fingers too. In addition, the cooker includes a separate dual circuit variable glide-out grill for independently preparing food in a healthier or more browned, crispy way. Its smooth action ensures better safety and easier loading and unloading. Easy to use and maintain Geared towards dynamic, busy cooks, the 100 cm Rangemaster Professional Deluxe Dual Fuel Range Cooker incorporates features to make your life easier. The innovative Rapid Response function, which harnesses extra heat to make sure you're oven-ready by reducing heat-up time by up to 30%. The main oven can be kept clean with the minimum of effort, as its catalytic liners reduce residue and spillages to an oxidised material that can be easily wiped away. The other cavity is lined with easy-clean enamel for similarly straightforward wipe-down maintenance. Enjoy the porthole door that allows you to check food without needing to open the oven door, wasting heat and potentially burning your hands. A flame supervision device on the hob keeps things safe by cutting off the gas supply immediately if a flame on the hob goes out. The Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 100 cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker is a contemporary and elegant culinary appliance.
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