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Firefly Leaf on the Wind Ladies' Shorts - Black, S 5 out of 10
When we really need to push it through some strength training, we channel Wash and whisper to ourselves "I'm a leaf on the wind..." and then we start crying on the equipment. No really, strangers staring at us in the gym, we're fine. We didn't hurt ourselves on the machine. This is just our process for getting through the battle that is our morning workout. We just have to remember to be careful during the cool-down at the end......
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Melting Toht Candle 5 out of 10
Many special effects are achieved using CGI today. Not so much back in 1981. We can still remember the first time we saw... okay, so we were going to add a spoiler alert here, but really, if you've read the name of this product, it's already too late. But remember the first time you saw the Ark of the Covenant unleash its power on the Nazis? And you were like "Gross!" "Oh wait. That was awesome. Do it again." Now you can recreate the scene in your own living room...
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Star Trek TOS Bluetooth® Communicator 5 out of 10
Admit it: you've wanted this from the first time you saw a flip phone back in the '90s. Why did it take 20 years before we could deliver it to you? Look, it's technology from the FUTURE. These things take time to get right, okay? With the flick of a wrist, you will be answering calls like Kirk and Spock with the very first fully-functional wireless Star Trek Communicator. Is it accurate? Well, it was created using 3D scans of the alpha hero prop...
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Rainbow Unicorn Zip-Up Hoodie - Ivory, 3X by ThinkGeek 5 out of 10
You're an amazing rainbow unicorn. All the time. Not just when you wear this hoodie. But especially when you wear this hoodie, that's what you are. From the bottom of the rainbow zipper up to the tippy top of the unicorn horn, and everything in between (the rainbow edging on the pockets, the rainbow drawstring, the stripe of rainbow mane down the back of the hood, and the pointy little unicorn ears on top), you're 100% pure rainbow unicorn goodness... Brought to you by ThinkGeek.
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Pokemon Pika Bolt Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black, 3X 5 out of 10
Your love for Pikachu is real. There's always room in your party for a Pikachu (or two, or three, or six), because aside from being super adorable, that little yellow fuzzball packs a mean electric-type punch...
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Star Wars I Love You / I Know Faux Leather Bracelet 5 out of 10
Star Wars Gifts: When you're about to be encased in carbonite, the most important thing to know is not, "How exactly am I supposed to breathe?" or "Is there a way to use the bathroom?" No, it's whether or not the love of your life loves you in return. We all love a little reassurance, and while we don't get encased in carbonite around here too often, we regularly get buried in deadlines, which is much the same thing...
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Zelda Breath of the Wild Sleep Set - Blue, XL 5 out of 10
For us, Breath of the Wild was an instant classic. Riding around the various landscapes of Hyrule on your trusty steed while you uncover every shrine and Korok the game has to offer. And, oh boy, does it offer a lot. So much, in fact, that we think instead of rescuing the princess right away, we're going to explore this one last shrine and then take a little nap. Nap BotW-style in this Zelda Breath of the Wild Sleep Set, a ThinkGeek exclusive...
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Fallout Soap Dish 5 out of 10
Once Reclamation Day rolls around and your Vault has indicated it's safe for you to venture forth into the world above, it's important to remember that the outside world is now full of nuclear danger as a result of the Great War. Decontaminating yourself will lower your exposure to harmful radioactive material, as well as decreasing your chances of exposing other Vault dwellers...
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