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Steven Universe Rose's Sword Lounge Pants - Black, M 5 out of 10
Leading rebellions against Homeworld Gems can get pretty exhausting. That is a full time job, and you'll need some time to unwind. While we certainly wouldn't judge you if you chose to lounge about in a fancy dress, there are probably more effective ways to get your lounge on. Like, for example, pants that actually have the word ""lounge"" right in the name?Rose Quartz and her trusty sword are featured on these Steven Universe Rose's Sword Lounge Pants...
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Spider-Man Ladies' Shorts - Red, XL 5 out of 10
Spider-Man, Spider-Man Does whatever a spider can Makes some shorts in your size Got his logo on your thighs Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man Pull on these Spider-Man Ladies' Shorts and get ready to fight crime without the evil binding of that costume...
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Deadpool Kawaii Ladies' Sleep Set - Grey/ Black, M 5 out of 10
No more. All done. Gonna eat till I'm tired and then sleep till I'm hungry. - Deadpool If Deadpool's post-slaughter plans sound just like you IRL, we've got the perfect sleep set for you to snuggle up in (until you get hungry again - at which point, you'll need to find yourself some pancakes). Two piece ladies' sleep set features adorable kawaii Deadpool, getting his chibi on...
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Fallout Vault 111 Heather Zip Up Hoodie - Grey/Black, 2X by ThinkGeek 5 out of 10
Maybe you're a fan of Fallout casual cosplay but bright blue and yellow aren't really a winning color combination for you. How do you feel about grey and black. Wait. You're a ThinkGeek customer? We know how you feel about grey and black. Check out this snazzy Fallout Vault 111 Heather Zip Up Hoodie. It comes in subtle charcoal and grey. That means it isn't showy enough to draw the attention of Raiders, but it still provides a small bonus to Charisma when worn...
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Canned Yeti Meat 5 out of 10
The secret behind how sherpas have been able to scale the Himalayas all these years isn't that their bodies are accustomed to a lower-oxygen atmosphere or that they have communal knowledge handed down from generation to generation. It's this: they kill and eat any yeti they encounter. See, yeti meat is super-high in protein but also has lovely fat marbling under all that fur. Our favorite pre-climb meal is to saute a yeti flank steak in a yak butter garlic sauce...
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Capcom Running Mega Man Statue 5 out of 10
Doctor Wily is at it again - he's rebuilding his army of evil cyborgs and is threatening the world once again. It's up to Mega Man to defeat the hoards of metal monsters with his Plasma Buster. Wave after wave of robots are thrown at Mega Man in an attempt to defeat him, but his human heart and iron hide are unstoppable!Celebrate all things Mega Man with this collectible figure...
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Star Trek Sterling Starfleet Trillion Rings (Division Colors) - Deep Red Garnet, Size 8 5 out of 10
Usually when you're picking out jewelry, you have an idea which gemstone you're going for ahead of time. Maybe a birthstone. Or a favorite stone. Or your school's colors. We wager these rings are the only jewelry where you've picked out the stone's color based on your favorite fictional job. Tell us: which Starfleet division are you? Topaz, garnet, or citrine? In honor of Star Trek's 50th anniversary, RockLove created these Star Trek Sterling Starfleet Trillion Rings in Division Colors...
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Star Wars Engraved Wood Coasters by ThinkGeek 5 out of 10
Star Wars Gifts: When it's your cantina, people have to play by your rules. For starters, let's get rid of the ugly guy in the band. You know the one. His right eye is a little bigger than his left and we don't like the way he holds his instrument. Maybe we should replace him with a Twi'lek who sings. Yeah, that sounds pretty good. But the big rule at our cantina is that you have to use a coaster. Seriously, this bar is a relic, carved from trees imported from Alderaan before the... well, you know... Brought to you by ThinkGeek.
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