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Stranger Within, The (1974 TV) 5 out of 10
Who is the father of Ann Collins’ baby? Her husband had a vasectomy years ago. And Ann hasn’t been with another man. Even more mysterious: as the baby grows inside her, Ann begins to change. She is beset by strange illnesses, pours tablespoons of salt on her food, turns the thermostat to 50 degrees, speed-reads academic tomes. But much bigger shocks are yet to come. Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie) stars in this hypnotic, swiftly paced blend of horror and sci-fi from Richard Matheson, the popular and prolific writer who also penned the novel I Am Legend and several notable The Twilight Zone scripts.
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They Won't Forget (1937) 5 out of 10
A pretty schoolgirl is murdered. An ambitious prosecutor wants publicity. And an outsider – a Northern teacher in a sleepy Southern town – makes a handy defendant, someone the locals will happily convict, innocent or guilty. Based on the infamous Leo Frank case, They Won’t Forget is an explosive, acclaimed indictment of bigotry that’s rich in deceptive motives, sudden violence and courtroom suspense. The talent is as powerful as the story: Mervyn LeRoy (I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang) produced and directed with steady hand and crackling pacing, Robert Rossen (The Hustler) co-wrote the unflinching script, Claude Rains (Casablanca) etches a portrait of the ruthless prosecutor with poison and guile, and in her first credited role, Lana Turner makes the schoolgirl beguiling prey for an unhinged mind.
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Sweet Revenge 5 out of 10
Her name is Vurrla, but she prefers Dandy. Or Jennifer. Or Susan. Or any of the identities she takes on during her spree of stealing cars, arranging new documentation for them, selling them - and then sometimes stealing the same car again. Her intent is to take the cash from her thievery and use it to buy her dream mobile: a Dino Ferrari. Why not steal the Ferrari? Well, Dandy is nobody's fool. She knows a rare, limited-production car like the Dino can be easily traced. Stockard Channing is hot-wired to a dream as Vurrla, one of the most unusual characters she's portrayed in a richly varied career that includes prominent roles in Grease and The West Wing. Sam Waterston, who would become one of the mainstays in Law & Order, plays the public defender who takes a special interest in the headstrong auto thief. And Deadwood's Franklin Ajaye plays her can-do accomplice. Lock the car in the garage - Vurrla's in town.
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Wall Of Noise 5 out of 10
And they're off! The pulse-pounding, big-time, big-money world of horse racing forms the backdrop for Wall of Noise. Suzanne Pleshette (The Bob Newhart Show), Ty Hardin (Bronco) and Dorothy Provine (It's a Mad, Mad. Mad. Mad World) make up three sides of a romantic triangle about a horse trainer and the two women - one predatory, one loyal - who love him. The story is steamy, but it’s the you-are-there scenes on the track, filmed at Hollywood Park that make Wall of Noise sizzle. The film captures “the tang of the tack-room and stalls, the tough and chivvying lingo of the trainers, jockeys and grooms...the things that are really good in this picture are the race-track and stable scenes and especially the staging and the cutting of that big climactic race” (Bosley Crowther, The New York Times). If you love the sport of kings, this is your film. And if you’ve never known the thrill of a day at the races, what are you waiting for?
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Three Strangers 5 out of 10
Three strangers, three incredibly dangerous people drawn together by their greed. Each ready to kill for the riches of ...Kwan Yin. Jean Negulesco was truly hitting his stride with his classic run of film noirs when he crafted this stylish thriller in which three strangers find their destinies entwined with a mysterious, foreign idol, ""The Masters of Mystery,"" Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet, play two of the strangers, while Geraldine Fitzgerald proves more than a match for the two screen greats as the third. According to a legend, if three strangers gather before the fables idol of Kwan Yin and make a common wish, the wish shall be granted. Spurned spouse Crystal Shackleford (Fitzgerald) has the idol and enlists a sleazy solicitor (Greenstreet) and a drunken thief (Lorre) in her plans for riches and revenge. But the two strangers have dreams of their own that collide with hers when the idol's powers prove to be real.
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Today We Live 5 out of 10
Wartime romance is always potent material for film, with the specter of sudden death making now intense and desperate. Today We Live is such a film. Set during World War I, it tells the story of a lovely English aristocrat whose heart belongs to a dashing American flyer…and to her childhood sweetheart, who cannot face war’s terror without her love. Few films have so impressive a pedigree: the only screen pairing of movie icons Gary Cooper and Joan Crawford, direction by Howard Hawks (The Dawn Patrol, Air Force) and story and dialogue by 1949 Nobel Prize-winner William Faulkner. Highlighted by thrilling combat sequences, Today We Live is a haunting reminder of the sacrifices of body, mind and spirit made in time of war.
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The Burning Hills 5 out of 10
When Trace Jordan (Hunter) discovers his brother dead--shot in the back--Jordan's devotes himself to a quest for revenge against the ruthless cattle baron who murdered his brother ... which becomes a desperate flight for survival as he changes from hunter to hunted. But Jordan finds love--and a reason to live--in a girl named Maria (Wood).
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The Family Secret (SONY) 5 out of 10
Law student David Clark (John Derek, The Ten Commandments) finds himself in trouble when he accidentally kills his best friend. Wracked with guilt, he tells his father, attorney Howard Clark (Lee J. Cobb, 12 Angry Men), about it. David is urged to confess, but when another man is arrested for the crime, David clams up and offers his assistance to put the wrongly accused man away. But as the case continues, the tension between father and son grows, and David has to decide whether or not to confess. Newly remastered.
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