Frequently asked questions

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About this site

What is this site?

This site has been set up to allow people to set up their own online wish lists.

Why would I want to join?

The internet is a big place and there now many shops you can buy cool stuff on. With each site having their own wishlists, it becomes increasingly differcult to let your friends and family know what to get you for that special occassion. Which is where Things I Love Wish Lists comes in. You can add items to your wish lists from any online store and thenr share it with whoever you want.

I can't log in - what am I doing wrong?

You've probably disabled cookies, which are tiny pieces of information websites use to remember who you are. To login, you have to re-enable cookies for Things I Love, otherwise the site can't remember who you are.

You can see how we use cookies on our privacy policy

Are you going to sell our information to other sites?

The plain and simple answer is no. I can't forsee any reason to and doubt anyone could convince me otherwise. There is also a privacy policy which pretty much re-iterates this.

Looking after your wish lists

How do I stop people I don't know from seeing my wish lists?

If you go to the account management page, you'll see that all your wish lists are displayed with their current access restrictions. You can specify either everyone, any user, or list of people you already know.

How do I make some items private? I want to buy a leather coat but I don't want to upset my vegan friends?

You don't want to set up two wish lists - an unrestricted one for your friends and another "tame" one that is parent friendly - as that would mean double the work and effort. So as well as restricting access to a wish list, you can also provide the same access restrictions on a per item basis.

Is there a way I can add stuff as I find it?

Yes. If you bookmark this link to Add to Wishlist (right click on the link and select "Bookmark this link") you can then select this bookmark when you've found something you want to add and you'll be taken to the add page. Firefox users cand you move the bookmark into their "Personal Toolbar folder", where it'll also appear on their Personal toolbar. Alternatively you can just drag the link straight to the Personal Toolbar too. Other browsers may offer similar functionality, but I've not checked.

It won't always grab the price of the item, so you have to make a note of this.

I have lots of wishlists - can I add to a specific one?

You can select which wish lists the new item goes on as well as publishing it on your Facebook profile if you've added the Facebook app.

Buying gifts

How can I find my friend's wish lists?

You can search for people by either their surname, full name, nicknames or email. If even after trying those options, you still can't find it then ask your friend.

How do I say I've got something from their wish list?

When you've bought a gift off someone's wish list, locate the item on their wish list and click on the button. It'll ask you how many you've got and if you're not logged in, it will also check to make sure you're human by asking a really obvious question.

Can I buy something without them knowing as a surprise?

Definitely - there's an tickbox on the page confirming what you've bought that lets you state that an gift has been bought in secret.

Account management

Can I change my username?

It is possible to do this, but you have to remember that your username is included in the address for your wishlists so if you've give it out, you will need to update everyone with the new address. Just drop us an email and we can make the change.

I have an account, but I can't remember my username?

You can use your email address to log in to your account. If you've changed email addresses then get in touch and we will try and help get you reconnected with your wish list.

I no longer want an account - how do I delete it?

We'd be sorry to see you go, but just contact us and ask and we'll sort things out for you.