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About Us

Actually there isn't an "us". I (Chris Turner) run this website as a hobby, by myself. I had originally written it as a page on my own website, but a friend said she wanted a wish list too and suggested I turn it into a website that all my friends could use.

So I did and here it is. I don't guarantee shiny bells and whistles, just a simple site that lets you add gifts you want to and online wishlist and others to mark it off your list when they get it for you.

Our cookie usage

You'll notice that there are adverts and other affiliate links around the site. These are simply to help offset the cost of running the site. Most of these adverts will use cookies to identify who you are to the online store when you click on the advert and purchase something, so they know it was this site that sent you to them. This means that they can then pay me a small reward and help keep the site going.

We also use two cookies for using the site. One to identify who you are when you're logged in and another to identify you if you return. The latter is completely optional and is only used if you tick the "Remember me" button on the log in page and will just auto-populate the Username field.