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This will be a very infrequent blog, where you'll find posts about wishlists, gift buying and this website. There maybe posts about things of a tangential nature to those topics.

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Edit page for a shared wishlist

Co-habiting your online wishlist


I thought I'd highlight one of the lesser used features that maybe people aren't aware of, but they might benefit from - the ability to allow others to edit one of your wishlists. There are many reasons why you might want to set up a shared online wishlist, such as wedding list if you're getting married or parents who have a wishlist set up for their children.

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Happy birthday

Happy birthday to us!


Quite surprised to discover recently that Things I Love wishlists has been going now for 20 years! It doesn't seem like it has been that long, but 2 decades is quite a long time in terms of a website - so many fall by the wayside without making it this far.

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image of Zombie She-hulk funko pop

Day of the Dead Links


Some of you might have noticed a new feature that is currently being explored - we're experimenting with identifying links that no longer work. Any dead links we find, we will let you know about on the homepage and they'll be crossed out when viewed on your wishlist. For any visitors to your wish lists, the links will be hidden so they won't waste their time following links that are useless.

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