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Wish lists are amazing


Cartoon drawing of a cheerleaderIt may come as no surprise to anyone, that we regard wish lists as a great idea. And our users are certainly firm advocates of having a wishlist too. But it turns out that there is scientific evidence to back this up...

Recently we got directed to a Radio 4 program on the "The psychological economics of gift giving". It cites research that has been done to gauge how people react to the gifts they've received. Whilst everyone in the study was obviously very appreciative of the gifts they got, the researchers found that unsolicited gifts - ones people thought the recipient might like - were less appreciated compared with gifts the person requested (ie through a wishlist).

This is compelling proof that making a wish list is a Good Idea™ - you get the gifts you actually want and the people buying the gifts know that you're going to be very happy with what they've got you.

The process is very simple and straight forward and we've made a video guide for creating a wishlist. But all you need to do is just start by adding an item and your new wishlist will be created automatically.

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