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image of Zombie She-hulk funko popSome of you might have noticed a new feature that is currently being explored - we're experimenting with identifying links that no longer work. Any dead links we find, we will let you know about on the homepage and they'll be crossed out when viewed on your wishlist. For any visitors to your wish lists, the links will be hidden so they won't waste their time following links that are useless.

What we won't do is automatically add new links to other stores as we feel it is your choice as to which stores you want to support. Plus, a lot of gifts aren't readily found on other stores, or easily identifiable as available else where.

Anyway, it is a sizeable project just to do this once as there are an unsurprisingly large number of links to check. And we don't want to rush it and hammer some poor defenceless store with dozens of requests in a short period of time, so as projects go, it will probably take a fair while. In the mean time, it is always worth making sure your wishlists are up to date just in case we haven't found all the dead links.

PS For those of you who are curious, the picture is of zombie She-hulk - one of the range of Zombie marvel character funko pops you can get, but I realise I should have found a Zelda reference instead

Marvel Zombies She-Hulk EXC Pop! Vinyl Figure5 out of 105 out of 10
The Marvel Zombies Pops! Have arrived and here we have She-Hulk in all her glory! She comes packaged in a window display box and measures approximately 3-3/4 inches tall.
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