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Estelle Waterman's Personal wishlist

Bio: Wife of Nick and Mother of Kathryn

This list was last updated on 2014/12/10

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Electrical items
1 wanted
Please be careful with voltages if you by anything. We do however have a NiMh battery charger over here, though not enough batteries for it AA and C to fill our radios and cameras etc
Added over a year ago
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minecraft spider jockey, Minecraft-Diamond-steve, minecraft animals - 6 pack
1 wanted
the kids would probably like these items
Updated at 2014/12/10
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uk things we miss
1 wanted
beef/chicken oxo cubes (the crumbly cubes)
schwartz or colman packs of sausage casserole mix and chicken casserole mix
cadburys chocolate
jaffa cakes

also (to be eaten in uk not transported)
rice pudding (it's just not the same)
Added over a year ago
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Favourite Characters
1 wanted
The boys love Minecraft. Kathryn loves Minions. They have matching scarf sets.
We can't wait for the lego minecraft sets to come out in November 2014. They have some the books and the older minecraft lego mini worlds and tshirt and are interested in fluffy toys or the action figures (got the one with the bed so far)
They also spent a lot of time reading Harry potter and now Percy Jackson Series
Added on 2014/12/05
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