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The Wise Man's Fear
The Wise Man's Fear 10 out of 10
'I just love the world of Patrick Rothfuss' Lin-Manuel Miranda'He's bloody good, this Rothfuss guy' George R R MartinSequel to the extraordinary THE NAME OF THE WIND, THE WISE MAN'
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The Complete Peanuts 1987-1988
The Complete Peanuts 1987-1988 10 out of 10
In this latest collection, romance is in the air. Charlie Brown's attempt at flirting in class sends him to the school nurse, while Linus is thwarted in his attempt to woo 'Lydia'
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The Complete Peanuts 1985-1986
The Complete Peanuts 1985-1986 10 out of 10
The Complete Peanuts reaches the go-go mid-1980s with this volume: 'mallies', 'punkers' (Snoopy with a mohawk!), killer bees, and Halley's Comet. The gang go to 'rain camp' and 'su
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The Last Emperox
The Last Emperox 10 out of 10
The Last Emperox is the explosive conclusion to John Scalzi's Interdependency series.Can they escape the end of an empire?Entire star systems, and billions of people, are about to
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Homer's Odyssey
Homer's Odyssey 10 out of 10
Poet Laureate Originally commissioned for BBC Radio, Simon Armitage recasts Homer's epic as a series of dramatic dialogues. His version bristles with the economy, wit and guile th
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The Fated Sky
The Fated Sky 10 out of 10
THE SECOND IN THE NEBULA AND LOCUS AWARD-WINNING SERIES One large step for humankind... It's 1961, and the Earth's gaze is turning to Mars. The Moon colony is well established, but
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To Be Taught, If Fortunate
To Be Taught, If Fortunate 9 out of 10
In the future, instead of terraforming planets to sustain human life, explorers of the galaxy transform themselves. At the turn of the twenty-second century, scientists make a bre
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The Raven Tower
The Raven Tower 9 out of 10
A usurper has claimed the throne. Invaders amass at the borders. And they have made their alliances with enemy gods... For centuries the kingdom of Iraden has been protected by a
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